I christen thee "my blog"

Greetings, friends! Here it is: a first post to christen the blog at evanwinters.com. If my concept of what the actual reach of this thing might be as of this moment is in any way accurate, these words will be reaching a handful of personal acquaintances and possibly a few others stumbling across this site either by way of Twitter or some other social media stump which I have mounted to hock my wares. To all and sundry, I say this: welcome, my friends. I am happy to have you here.

Some of you may have been around for my web-comic, “Seven Billion Little Reasons,” which is still taking “a couple weeks off” that began in August of 2015. While I have found that one of the best ways to doom a project is to lay out my intentions for it, I’ll say that my hope is to use this blog space to do some of what I was trying to do in 7BLR, just without as many goofy drawings. I’d like us to have jokes here, and to talk about some of the stuff I really love. Stories. Comics. Music. Maybe some video games for good measure. Politics? Who knows? I’ve been on a break since August of 2015, so maybe we’ll do some politics once I look into how things turned out once that joke candidate in the funny wig stopped running.

I mean, right, guys? He stopped…right?

Anyway, to celebrate launching this new space, I’d like to make a call-back to my 7BLR days. Back in 2014, when I was getting ready for the Lexington Toy and Comic Convention, I started a project that got a little out of hand. I wanted something that would blend the drawing I was doing for my comics with the horror stories I intended to tell as Evan Winters. What I came up with was “A Winters Tale,” a 22-page horror comic that I hoped would land somewhere between The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt. As in those great series, I wanted a storyteller character. If cool were imagined on a scale with Rod Serling on one end and the Cryptkeeper on the other, I decided to aim straight for the middle and use Evan Winters himself as he might appear in a story of his own. Evan would get the storytelling credit, I thought, whereas the art credit would be listed under the name that Mom and Dad gave me. However, 22 pages of comic book ended up being a good bit more challenging than 22 pages of prose, and I couldn’t get it finished in time.

But time has a way of passing, doesn’t it? Here we are in 2017, and I have that story done. I’ll be damned if I know if I’ll try a project like this again. Drawings… take… TIME, particularly when one has as little in the way of natural gifts in that area as have I. I don’t know if this is so much "my first comic book" as it is "my comic book," the one I did to figure out if I could do one and maybe to impress whatever remnant there might be of my 12-year-old self still lurking in my psyche somewhere. “Lookee here, young Evan. I made a comic book. Swell, ain’t it?”

“Pretty neat, old Evan, but what the hell happened to your head, and how can I make it not happen to mine?”

Oh, young Evan, I knew you’d be proud!

And so, to celebrate the launch of this blog, I am giving this comic away to anybody who signs up for my newsletter. Said newsletter will consist of updates about upcoming releases. I promise: the only way this will turn into a deluge in your inbox is if I get a lot more productive than I have been in the last two years, and if that should happen, you can bail out any time. And, no, I won’t let anybody else have your email address. Promise. This is just between you and me and young Evan sitting in the corner over there, running his hands through his pretty golden-brown curls and asking, “Why, why, why?”

So I have a blog. You’re on it. I have a comic book and a newsletter. If you sign up for the latter, you can have the former in the form of a PDF, or a CBZ/CBR (if you know what those are, I bet you know how to use ‘em), or even a zipped-up bunch of Jpegs upon which you can click and click to your heart’s content.

Let’s get that heart of yours as contented as we can get it with stories, drawings and jokes. There’s still a little room for more words on the Internet. Let’s fill this bad boy up.